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Director of Photography:  Dane Lawing


An early advocate of HD, Dane Lawing distinguished himself with his work in The Lost Cause, his film for Academy Award winner Jim Taylor, which was one of the first features shot with a Thomson Viper and won the Best Cinematography award at HDFest LA.Other films include Guest of Cindy Sherman, Thanksgiving, and King Leopold’s Ghost. Dane’s ability to capture the essence of both landscapes and people and  to work well in sometimes difficult environments were a great asset  in filming Quest for Honor.

Co- Producer/Chief Translator: Birusk Tugan

Birusk Tugan was Kurdish American Coorespondant for Voice of America from 2002 until 2007.  He currently is heading the formation of a Kurdish language television station in Paris. Ferhat Birusk Tugan is the redacteur-en-chef of Kurd1, an independent Kurdish satellite TV channel  based in Paris. He has a master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley and studied international affairs at Columbia University. An award-winning journalist, he has worked for several Kurdish, Turkish and English newspapers and magazines. Birusk covered the war in Iraq in 2003 from the United Nations for the Voice of America and written extensively on minorities in the US.

First Assistant Director:  Mohammed Saddik Barzani

Mohammed-Saddik-02Raised and educated in Iran, Mohammed Saddik Barzan returned to Barzan in 1992 and has worked with the Kurdish government on development projects in Barzan ranging from organizing a business to keep women pursuing traditional weaving, to training men in agriculture in new methods, to rearranging Barzan’s school system along Montessori lines. He works with SB Productions as story advisor and assistant director.

Second Unit Director of Photography: Behzad Oliadonighi

Behzad Oliadonighi

Behzad Oliadonighi has worked on a variety of international feature films, commercials, and music videos. Behzad’s multicultural background plus his ability to be quick on his feet one minute and patiently render contemplative scenes the next added to the success of Quest for Honor.

Associate Producer/Cameraman: Hemen Kaikaiy

Hemin Kakaiy, Cameraman, also served as associate producer in Iraqi Kurdistan and appears in the documentary.  A bio can be found on the character page.


Cameraman: Daniel  Carter

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